This short film reminds us that on a daily basis each person copes with their own problems, which are incomprehensible to others. But this does not mean they don't exist.
This is illustrated by the example of a young girl who recently moved to Austria. This year, protests against the bloody regime are taking place in her homeland. Although she is trying in every possible way to distance herself from the news about this, realizing that being far away she is unable to help, the girl is tormented by obsessive thoughts.

Produced and directed by Anna Eber and Yuliya Hofer
Editing: Yuliya Hofer
Camera Operator: Yuliya Hofer
Animation: Anna Eber
Cast: Karina Lorich & Max Mayr
Мы - Звезды
Palina - Як ты
Frederic Sans - Mystifying Case