Feminism designed by society
This work discusses how feminism is viewed and emotionalized by society and how this influences and affects individuals on a daily basis. We conducted 24 qualitative interviews. The interviewees answered twelve questions concerning their personal views and opinions on feminism and sexism, as well as their exposure to stereotypes and discrimination. The collected data showed that the term feminism is highly stigmatized and associated with views that are completely contrary to its actual definition. Furthermore, the research demonstrated that gender equality has not yet been reached, neither on a global nor on a personal level. A majority of female interviewees have experienced discrimination solely due to their gender and a considerable number of interviewees have been confronted with gender stereotypes. Most interviewees thought that education and upbringing shape the way people view this topic. With regard to these results and extensive literature research we conclude, that this topic is still highly relevant and that the power to change the negative connotation of feminism lies with the people.

Idea and execution: Yuliya Hofer & Anna Eber
Programm: Adobe After Effects