I come from Belarus, but I've been living in Austria for two years. Two years are not long. It is still a period of adaptation. That is why it is so important for me to return to my country regularly to see my parents and friends. And this is exactly what COVID-19 took away from me.
The original title of the work “inspired” by this time was “What's up?”. Since my friends and I live in different countries and don't communicate on a daily basis, we always have something to tell about. But for several weeks everyone had the same news: "Virus, infection, pandemic …" The date on the collage is March 24th. This is the day I got the idea to do this work. And my birthday, which turned out to be the most lonely birthday of mine.
When I started cutting the words out of the March 24th newspaper, I came across the word “patience" (german “Geduld”). Then I realized that this would be the perfect headline for my work. I needed patience to find and cut out all the words. An observer needs some patience to understand why this is the name of my work. And all of that will end one day and I will fly to Belarus. I just need patience.