“Stena” is a typeface that I in cooperation with Sebastian Hager created as part of an FH project. The typeface stands out from graffiti and includes many aspects of the street scene. That is why the font bears the name “Stena”, which is translated from Russian as “wall”.
Graffiti can be viewed in many ways. Some see it as vandalism and pollution in public spaces, others as a form of art. One thing is always clear: graffiti is inextricably linked to the expression of emotions. But apart from shape and color, graffiti is always a message.
As with graffiti, our idea was to create an ambiguous font that on the one hand conveys the content of the message, given by logic and structure, but is also expressive and shows creativity. It is straight and clear, yet unique and alternative.

Typeface: Yuliya Hofer & Sebastian Hager
Poster: Yuliya Hofer