Our team was fortunate enough to have the honor of bringing our design to life at the festival "Markt der Zukunft 2020", organized by an Austrian radio station Ö1. The festival "Market of the Future" was held together with the "Reparatur der Zukunft" initiative. At the festival, people presented their initiatives, exchanged opinions on how the future could be "fixed". Exactly this exchange of ideas, the search for new solutions and teamwork as a guarantee of success became the basis of the festival's identity. The intersecting lines of different colors symbolize specialists of different fields, who will be able to "fix" the future only uniting.
My partner Anna and I were responsible for the web presence of the festival. Follow the link below to see the result.

Client: Österreich 1
Festival Identity: Anna Eber, Lena Herber, Yuliya Hofer, Andrea Pfleger, Rosalie Siegl
Webdesign: Anna Eber & Yuliya Hofer
Line animation: Yuliya Hofer
Platform: Wordpress
Link: marktderzukunft.at