Corporate Identity that my partner and I created for National Austrian Dentists Congress, which will take place in Graz 2022. The topic of the event is “ Personalized dentistry – Individual Needs – Customized Therapy”. Corporate identity should show that each patient receives an individual treatment and takes into account all population groups: children who are afraid of dental treatment, working people who do not have enough time and older people. National Austrian Dentists Congress aimed to be recognized as a friendly and trustworthy event.
We have created a logo, which is an abstracted form of a tooth, and also looks like flags which represent officialism and a meeting of people. We chose dentist green as the color for corporate identity. To show the individuality of people and variety of their problems, we have created an illustration that emphasizes the friendliness.

Logo: Yuliya Hofer & Tim Alder
Print Design: Yuliya Hofer & Tim Alder
Illustration: Yuliya Hofer


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